Under the Weather

These are the pretty flowers Josh got me. They can make anyone’s tummy feel better!

Get my pun?? It’s been quite dismal the last few days here in Auburn, and likewise I’ve been feeling rather crummy. I knew this semester was too good to be true! I literally get sick EVERY semester. It never fails. I have the weakest immune system and the worst sinuses. Whenever I go to a sorority social at a bar or a bonfire, I always have to shower before going to bed. The smoke will cause my throat to hurt and my sinuses to freak out if I don’t. However, this is actually day two of feeling nauseated. 😦 I was hanging with Ty yesterday, when all of a sudden I just started feeling really really poorly. Sadly I took him home early only to come home and lie on the couch/put stickers on cellophane bags (goodie bags at the wedding).

Yes, this is sad. BUT I have a really great guy in my life. His name is Josh. Know him? He knew I wasn’t feeling well and offered to bring me dinner. It goes without saying that I wanted chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese. It’s what my mom ALWAYS got me when I was little and sick. The only problem is I had no bread, cheese or soup. Thankfully, Josh went to the store and bought them, brought them over and cooked them for me and the roommates. An added bonus is that he brought me some flowers! Definitely made me feel better. Then, as if things weren’t already looking up, he also brought me Peanut M&M’s (my ABSOLUTE favorite candy) and suggested we watch Big Bang Theory. Who knows me???

What was your go-to sick food? What did you mom always give you when you were sick when you were little? My mom, as previously mentioned, always got me chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese!


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