Weekend Update: Football, Fire, Family and Friends

Well, this Saturday marked the 4-week mark until Josh and my wedding. Woooo hooo!! We celebrated it by attending A-day with my Project Uplift little brother/honored guest at our wedding Tytravious (I can tell stories for days about sweet Ty) and a tools and gadget shower with a lot of Josh’s parents’ friends (mine too, of course, but they originate with the Bierman clan). I know you guys are wondering if Josh got his blow torch, and I am happy to report that…..HE DID!!! I wasn’t going to tell anyone because I wanted to see how many blow torches we could accumulate, but it was too good to keep in. And I have some fun times to discuss later dealing with the blow torch.

This is my sweet little pumpkin, Tytravious. Here we are at his FIRST Tiger Walk before his FIRST Auburn football game. He has now been to two games and an A-day. He considers himself a pro at Auburn football now.

First things first, I am happily able to report that I have found someone to take over for me next year with Ty. This entire year I’ve been a little worried about who would hang out with him after I leave. I have seen him grow so much in the last two years, and I couldn’t stand the thought of him not having an older person to build into him. Don’t get me wrong, his mom and grandmom are AWESOME women, but I think he needs someone outside of the family to talk to. I plan on keeping up with him (especially since he’s girl crazy and going to 6th grade and junior high next year), but I know that I can’t make a weekly commitment. Anyways, this Saturday one of Josh’s friends met Ty at A-Day, and Ty fell in love with him. He was SO excited that he can have a guy to hang out with and play football with. In fact, the very first thing he asked me was, “So… is this guy going to take me to a football game? You know I’ve been to 3 now…” He had to make sure he was getting an athletic, man’s man. And he is! I’m so happy for him, and this really is a HUGE answer to prayer.

Next, Josh and I went to our shower in Alex City. We had such a fun, fun time with our parents’ friends. Josh especially loved this shower because A.) there was brisket B.) we got a power drill, blow torch and GRILL C.) he got to see family friends he hasn’t seen in years D.) All of the above. I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed this shower because A.) there was a cupcake bar B.) we got a handmade quilt from Josh’s might-as-well-be grandparents, measuring cups, candles and a bamboo silverware tray C.) I got to meet all of these families I’ve heard TONS about D.) All of the above 

Then Sunday. Oh, sweet Sabboth of a Sunday. It was glorious. After church in Opelika, Josh and I drove for lunch with his parents, my parents and some parents’ friends. Nothing like Southern vegetables like purple hull peas, creamed corn and mashed potatoes. Then, we went to Josh’s church in Alex City because his pastor was retiring after 20 years at his church (50 years in the ministry. Incredible.) Here we were trying to smile and be sweet to Dr. Hallmark, and what does he do? He, of course, makes it about us and imparts some wisdom to us. He told us to be careful during this final time in engagement. (No, not going the purity route like you think. I sure thought he was going there and immediately began shutting down/cringing) Instead he said that this is the stressful time, the time when you begin to snap at one another and lose patience. He reminded us that we should tell each other that we aren’t mad or bitter or frustrated at one another, but rather at the timing. We should remind one another that we do love each other, and even if we do snap occasionally, it’s not because of our feelings toward one another, but rather at the frustration of waiting for marriage. Is this man a mind-reader? Prophet? This is exactly what we’ve been going through. Everything is great. Really. Just awesome. But it’s just time to get married. So, thank you, Dr. Hallmark for being so wise.

Then Josh and I spent some time basking in the sun on the lake. Not telling you our favorite spot. It’s all ours. And when we came back we played with the blow torch. We burnt pizza crust, toasted bread, rained fire down on ants on the sidewalk, made a mini-campfire with leaves from my front yard, burned plastic (which Josh inhaled the fumes and apparently that’s not pleasant) and an envelope. To say the least, we will not be bored for a while. If we ever find we have nothing to talk about next year, I’m sure you can find us outside burning things.


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