5-year engagement…. yea right!

I can’t wait to see this. Not only is a 5-year engagement absolutely RIDICULOUS, but I’m pretty sure there will be some good wedding planning jokes in there. The day it comes out just so happens to correspond to Josh’s bachelor weekend, so who’s down to go with me? I have a popcorn bucket so we can share popcorn for $3! By April 27 I’m pretty sure the idea of a 5-year engagement could either make me A. Cry B. Feel good about being so close to marriage C. Laugh hysterically at the ridiculousness of the idea or D. All of the above. 


2 thoughts on “5-year engagement…. yea right!

  1. I’ve been engaged almost 5 years, and it was the best decision ever. Finished undergrad, law school, and got a great job. You also have more time enjoy actually being engaged and having your life in order instead of ruining it by the problems that will arise with wedding planning.

    • That’s awesome. I’m glad it worked for you! I think you’re probably a lot stronger than I am because I just don’t think I could do it. Congrats on the engagement/marriage!

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