Like sand through the hourglass so are the days of our lives

As many of you know, this Saturday was Chi Omega formal. This was my last formal of any kind. What’s funny about this formal is that Josh was required to wear a tux, yet he will be wearing a suit to our wedding. So, yes, he was more formal to Chi O formal than on the ABSOLUTE GREATEST DAY OF HIS LIFE. Anyways, formal prompted me to look at the formals/cocktails that Josh and I have been to together. We’ve been to quite a few, and the pictures are pretty great.

This was at my sophomore Christmas Cocktail. At this point, I was crushing hard and had somehow scraped up the courage to ask him. We would both say this was a rather pivotal night in our relationship.

This was our first and only Farmhouse formal. We had just embraced our official bf/gf status about 3 weeks earlier.

Our first Chi O spring formal. I was social chair for this one and had run a 5k the morning of it. To say the least, come 10:30 we were sitting down.

We made it a year! Josh gave me some pretty black pearls for this Christmas Cocktail to celebrate our kind've-sort've anniversary.

We're engaged!! Maybe you can tell from this picture, buy after engagement you really do become instantly closer/more connected. It's like the "what if" is removed, and you are free to talk about anything and everything.

This is taken at 6 weeks away from our wedding. Last formal. Last hoorah. See ya later, Auburn/ Chi O! (Maybe. Who knows the Lord could keep us here or bring us back here.)


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