Weekend Updates: Hufflepuff, The Varsity, and Calmness

I don’t really have a specific thing to blog about today. Things are calm-ish. This is odd since we’re EIGHTEEN DAYS away from marriage, but oddly enough I’m not lying. Things are calm. Who knows, tomorrow I could blog about the woes of ribbon, dresses and paper products, for today things are great!

Since I don’t have a particular topic, I thought I would just discuss what’s been going on lately. This weekend was my bachelorette party. Now before you start envisioning me in a sash and tiara with a checklist of to-do’s, that’s not how it was. Not that I think bachelorette parties like that are inherently wrong, but that would of been so wrong for me. I am incredibly thankful that my friends know me well enough to know that chilling together is all I wanted. And chilling is what we did. We went to my roommate’s lake house, and it rained, and we sat in t-shirts and pajama pants the majority of the time.

Some highlights of the weekend were:

1. We all got sorted into houses at Hogwarts. Yes, we created accounts on Pottermore and took the sorting quiz. We all obviously wanted Gryffindor, but only 4 were lucky enough to get that honor. I, on the other hand, was name a part of the Hufflepuff house. For those of you not into Harry Potter, Hufflepuff is a bit of a let down. Not that they’re horrible, but they are often described as the nice and loyal ones aka boring, not that great. When I hear the word Hufflepuff I think of big, fat marshmellows floating around or those people who are “so nice,” but you only say that because that’s all you can think of. Luckily I wasn’t alone in being a Hufflepuff. The quote of the trip was,” YOLO. I’m a Hufflepuff,” and this was usually said while stuffing our faces with brownies.

The Hufflepuff crest. Yes, I’m a badger. Whatever. YOLO, I’m a Hufflepuff. At least, I’m nice and loyal.

2. It rained really, really hard for a solid 2 hours. This means we got to lounge around and watch “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

3. However, the sun came out for about 2 hours, so we also got to sit out in our swimsuits. So nice. So peaceful.

4. We went to dinner at this really great pizza place. It was like a team-building activity to figure out what pizzas to order to suit everyone’s tastes, but we did it! Also, this guy offered to buy every single girl a drink, but he never spoke to any of us or even acted like he saw us. This, my friends, is what you call SKETCHY.

5. On the way back from the lake, we stopped at The Varsity in Atlanta. This was my first time going, and I must say it brought me back to my public school lunchroom experience. There was yelling, lines, stress, and even desks. However, the chili dog and onion rings more than made up for it! I say The Varsity is D-to the- Liscious!

It was a little stinky to come back to real life where school and finals are pending. However, each day gets me closer to summer, graduation and marriage! Wooo hooo!! Bring on May!


Feeling Stirred

First off let me say that I never blog at night, especially after 11. But it’s currently 12:03. My spirit is just so stirred. I’m not stressed. This isn’t one of those times. By the way, it’s been really cool to see how the Lord has been working just in the last week. He really has been showing me how much greater He is than my agenda and plans. But the reason I’m stirred is because of some things at 8th Street tonight.

First, a song that will be played at Mr. Bierman and my wedding was played tonight at 8th Street, and I didn’t cry. This is a really big accomplishment because every other time I’ve heard it I have sobbed. It’s not because I’m sad, but it just reminds me of how great this marriage thing is! I just get so overwhelmed with emotion and picture myself walking down the aisle toward Josh and then think about what this marriage symbolizes (Christ and the church) and I get really worked up and sob. I fully realize that was an insanely long run-on sentence, but it just had to be done. Back story about the whole crying thing: since Josh and I chose the songs, I’ve been listening to them occasionally so I can cry it out. Basically, I listen to them when I’m alone in the car, and every time I’ve sobbed. My thought behind this is that I want to listen to them and cry enough that when May 12th arrives I may be able to make it down the aisle without sobbing the whole way and ruining my makeup/dignity. So…not crying tonight was a HUGE accomplishment not only because of the lack of tears, but also because ¬†tonight the song was sung by the two awesome people who will be singing it in our wedding AND we were sitting in the back of the church where we’ll be getting married.

Next, this song- “One Thing Remains” rocked my world. Particularly these lyrics:

higher than the mountains that I face

stronger than the power of the grave

constant in the trials and the change

this one thing remains

If you’ve been reading Miraculous Maze for while, you know that it refers to Josh and I dealing with the change/uncertainty lying before us. This song just hit me head on, especially the “constant in the trials and the change” part. When I look ahead to the next couple of months, pretty much all I see is change. I’ll be alumni. New last name. New city (possibly). New lifestyle. New friends (of course, not replacing our old friends). This newness is part of life, and I’m so excited for it. However, I am also an only child from a small town in Alabama. New to me is the Piggly Wiggly getting a new sign! What I’m feeling right now is similar to what you feel when you go to college as a freshman. You know, there are the butterflies because everyone tells you that it’s going to be so great and fun and you’ll meet your best friends, but you’re also just nervous/scared because it’s not what you’re used to. I am just so comforted that God’s love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me. His love is HIGHER than the mountains that I face, STRONGER than the power of the grave, CONSTANT in the trails and the change. It overcomes the grave! Will it not overcome my timidity in change?! Of course it will, and I am beyond thankful for the reminder that our God is Father, and He cares for us and works all things for our good. Though I may not see what’s going on right now, I can rest in that He is constant and is working out His plan!

The next thing the Lord hit me with tonight was with this song by the lovely Hillsong. “All I Need is You.” Is that true of me? That’s all I could think of while they sang this song. I am so challenged and stirred. I’m singing this song, “All I need is you. All I need is you Lord,” but if in 5 months Josh and I don’t have a plan, jobs, etc. will I still be singing that? Will I still be saying, “Lord, you are all I need?” I pray that is will be so. Tonight I was just overwhelmed with how grand our God is. No only is His love conquering (as previously discussed), but He is more than sufficient. He’s all I need. Notice what the lyrics DON’T say. They DON’T say, “All I need is You….and a job.” Or “All I need is You…and a boyfriend.” or even “All I need is You… a health.” It’s solely Jesus. My prayer is that my heart will continue to scream that He is all I need. No matter what my relationship status is. Or my employment status. Or my social status. May it ever be that Jesus is all I need.

Under the Weather

These are the pretty flowers Josh got me. They can make anyone’s tummy feel better!

Get my pun?? It’s been quite dismal the last few days here in Auburn, and likewise I’ve been feeling rather crummy. I knew this semester was too good to be true! I literally get sick EVERY semester. It never fails. I have the weakest immune system and the worst sinuses. Whenever I go to a sorority social at a bar or a bonfire, I always have to shower before going to bed. The smoke will cause my throat to hurt and my sinuses to freak out if I don’t. However, this is actually day two of feeling nauseated. ūüė¶ I was hanging with Ty yesterday, when all of a sudden I just started feeling really really poorly. Sadly I took him home early only to come home and lie on the couch/put stickers on cellophane bags (goodie bags at the wedding).

Yes, this is sad. BUT I have a really great guy in my life. His name is Josh. Know him? He knew I wasn’t feeling well and offered to bring me dinner. It goes without saying that I wanted chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese. It’s what my mom ALWAYS got me when I was little and sick. The only problem is I had no bread, cheese or soup. Thankfully, Josh went to the store and bought them, brought them over and cooked them for me and the roommates. An added bonus is that he brought me some flowers! Definitely made me feel better. Then, as if things weren’t already looking up, he also brought me Peanut M&M’s (my ABSOLUTE favorite candy) and suggested we watch Big Bang Theory. Who knows me???

What was your go-to sick food? What did you mom always give you when you were sick when you were little? My mom, as previously mentioned, always got me chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese!

Wake On Up From Your Slumber

Love this song. Love this band. Their music can lead me to worship. Weird because they aren’t explicitly “Christian.” Yes, they are Christians and their music contains TONS of underlying themes and symbols, but it’s not “church music.” Anyways, hope is blesses your soul like it does mine. And it’s just a fun song. When Josh and I went to their concert¬†in Atlanta with Ben Rector, they sang “Slumber” as an encore song a cappella. It. Was. Awesome.

Weekend Update: Football, Fire, Family and Friends

Well, this Saturday marked the 4-week mark until Josh and my wedding. Woooo hooo!! We celebrated it by attending A-day with my Project Uplift little brother/honored guest at our wedding Tytravious (I can tell stories for days about sweet Ty) and a tools and gadget shower with a lot of Josh’s parents’ friends (mine too, of course, but they originate with the Bierman clan). I know you guys are wondering if Josh got his blow torch, and I am happy to report that…..HE DID!!! I wasn’t going to tell anyone because I wanted to see how many blow torches we could accumulate, but it was too good to keep in. And I have some fun times to discuss later dealing with the blow torch.

This is my sweet little pumpkin, Tytravious. Here we are at his FIRST Tiger Walk before his FIRST Auburn football game. He has now been to two games and an A-day. He considers himself a pro at Auburn football now.

First things first, I am happily able to report that I have found someone to take over for me next year with Ty. This entire year I’ve been a little worried about who would hang out with him after I leave. I have seen him grow so much in the last two years, and I couldn’t stand the thought of him not having an older person to build into him. Don’t get me wrong, his mom and grandmom are AWESOME women, but I think he needs someone outside of the family to talk to. I plan on keeping up with him (especially since he’s girl crazy and going to 6th grade and junior high next year), but I know that I can’t make a weekly commitment. Anyways, this Saturday one of Josh’s friends met Ty at A-Day, and Ty fell in love with him. He was SO excited that he can have a guy to hang out with and play football with. In fact, the very first thing he asked me was, “So… is this guy going to take me to a football game? You know I’ve been to 3 now…” He had to make sure he was getting an athletic, man’s man. And he is! I’m so happy for him, and this really is a HUGE answer to prayer.

Next, Josh and I went to our shower in Alex City. We had such a fun, fun time with our parents’ friends. Josh especially loved this shower because A.) there was brisket B.) we got a power drill, blow torch and GRILL C.) he got to see family friends he hasn’t seen in years D.) All of the above. I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed this shower because A.) there was a cupcake bar B.) we got a handmade quilt from Josh’s might-as-well-be grandparents, measuring cups, candles and a bamboo silverware tray C.) I got to meet all of these families I’ve heard TONS about D.) All of the above¬†

Then Sunday. Oh, sweet Sabboth of a Sunday. It was glorious. After church in Opelika, Josh and I drove for lunch with his parents, my parents and some parents’ friends. Nothing like Southern vegetables like purple hull peas, creamed corn and mashed potatoes. Then, we went to Josh’s church in Alex City because his pastor was retiring after 20 years at his church (50 years in the ministry. Incredible.) Here we were trying to smile and be sweet to Dr. Hallmark, and what does he do? He, of course, makes it about us and imparts some wisdom to us. He told us to be careful during this final time in engagement. (No, not going the purity route like you think. I sure thought he was going there and immediately began shutting down/cringing) Instead he said that this is the stressful time, the time when you begin to snap at one another and lose patience. He reminded us that we should tell each other that we aren’t mad or bitter or frustrated at one another, but rather at the timing. We should remind one another that we do love each other, and even if we do snap occasionally, it’s not because of our feelings toward one another, but rather at the frustration of waiting for marriage. Is this man a mind-reader? Prophet? This is exactly what we’ve been going through. Everything is great. Really. Just awesome. But it’s just time to get married. So, thank you, Dr. Hallmark for being so wise.

Then Josh and I spent some time basking in the sun on the lake. Not telling you our favorite spot. It’s all ours. And when we came back we played with the blow torch. We burnt pizza crust, toasted bread, rained fire down on ants on the sidewalk, made a mini-campfire with leaves from my front yard, burned plastic (which Josh inhaled the fumes and apparently that’s not pleasant) and an envelope. To say the least, we will not be bored for a while. If we ever find we have nothing to talk about next year, I’m sure you can find us outside burning things.

Taking Back Life

Well, this isn’t typical. I am usually a blogging machine, and this week that hasn’t been the case. Why you might ask…Because I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Why you might ask again…. I don’t know. It’s what I do, how I role. I’m a chronic stressor/worrier/anxiety-ridden person AND I HATE IT.

Maybe you have no clue what I’m talking about. Maybe you’re that awesome person who reads a book on a Tuesday afternoon in a hammock. To you, I love you. And I hate you. I want to be you. My greatest desire is to do nothing. I want to walk out of class (or work) and not be able to think of a thing I should be doing. Instead, I have my dang agenda that I carry around with bulleted lists of things to do and people to see. I love my planner because I never forget to show up places, but I hate my planner because every time I look at it my heart races.

Hello, my name is Paige and I am addicted to things, stuff, people, planners, stress, anxiety, worrying and getting mad about it all.

Does anyone else feel like this? I swear, it’s like I can’t live in the moment because at 11 a.m. I’m already thinking about how I have somewhere to be at noon. This. Is. Not. Ok. I am fully admitting that this is lifestyle is not profitable and sinful. I’m not delighting in the Lord. I’m stressing. In the words of Josh (after I knelt with my head on my bed leaving mascara stains on my sheets-I may or may not have broken down last night) “Your punctuality and attention to detail is ruining you.” Punctuality is a great thing. It’s highly desired in a friend, employee, student, etc. However, I can’t sit through an entire lunch without checking the time. I don’t smile or chat on my way to class or work because I’m rushing to get there. Attention to detail is also a great thing, but I’ve just taken it too far.

I am so tired of letting my planner stress me out and dictate me. I once heard a sermon (or maybe read a book) and the basic concept was: Are you willing to be interrupted? Can God use you when you least expect it? And my answer to this question right now is no. I can’t be interrupted from my tireless schedule. Who knows how many opportunities I haven’t even seen because I’m frantically sprinting to my next appointment.

It’s. Over. I refuse to keep living like this. It’s not healthy. It’s not God-glorifying. It’s not helpful to anyone or myself. If you’re like this- can’t be interrupted, lose sight of anything good because you’re so stressed about everything- then I invite you to stop too. It’s not going to be easy. I have lots of stuff coming up (ya know, just graduation and a wedding. no big deal.). But I don’t want to look back on both of these HUGE milestones and only remember crying and stressing. This must be a super duper prayed over time. I mean, it already should be. But if I am committing to taking my schedule back, then I definitely can’t do it in my own strength!

Noticing Some Changes in the Mr.

For those of you who don’t know, we are 33 DAYS away from getting married. This is exciting, awesome, unbelievable, weird, incredible. Yea…. But this has begun to take a tole of Mr. Bierman. For those of you who know him, you know he’s never been exactly normal. He’s the best and awesome, but I’m pretty sure he’s never been described as normal, typical, cookie-cutter, etc. (Another reason to love him) However, recently I’ve noticed two changes that must be associated with the wedding.

1. He’s begun to think about how we will sleep. Within the last two weeks I know he must have asked me 22 times how we are going to sleep. A lot of times he

Examples include:

A. One time I was sitting on the couch, and he walked over and lay on top of me and said, “Do you think this is how we will sleep when we’re married?” Gosh I hope not!

B. One time we were watching episodes of Big Bang Theory on my bed. We were leaning against the wall, our legs were intertwined, and our upper bodies were perpendicular (Sounds odd, I know, but it was actually comfortable). Josh raises up and says, “Do you think this is how we will sleep when we’re married?”

C. Another time he asked me to lie on top of him with my back on his back and then he asked, “Do you think this is how we will sleep when we get married?”

2. Another thing I’ve noticed lately is Josh’s infatuations with last names. I think he’s pretty pumped that we will share the same last name. So much so that he has been putting that onto others. For example, let’s say David Brown is dating Mary Mullens. If he sees them he’ll say something like, “Let’s go talk to the Browns!” ¬†He has done this to several of our couple friends, and I’m always like, “They are NOT married. They are NOT engaged. You canNOT call them by his last name. People get awkward about that.” But it doesn’t matter to him because he keeps calling them by one last name. So, if we know you and you have a boyfriend, be ready to share a last name.