Funny, Funny

Let me tell y’all some funny things.

First funny thing. My future hubs registered for a blow torch. That’s right. You heard it. We are registered for a blow torch at Home Depot. Why? To set things on fire. Not for creme brulee. In Josh’s words: because it’s a blow torch. It sets stuff on fire. We can’t use it to light birthday candles. It would scorch the cake. However, we can have a fire (if by chance we have a fireplace in our future home), burn secret-containing documents (because we have SO many of those) and pretend that we’re blowing fire. Picture it: Josh stands and opens his mouth and I’m behind him with the blow torch. No one would ever know!

I'm not positive if this is the actual one we're registered for, but yes. Something like this will most likely be in our future home.

Next funny thing. Josh writing thank you notes. The way we’ve been doing this whole thank you note situation so far has been I write to my family/friends and he writes to his. Not that we don’t have mutual friends, but basically I write to girls, he writes to guys. Well, Sunday I left him four thank you notes to write. Only four. First, it took him at least double the time it took me. He puts LOTS of thought into it. Second, his notes are themed. For instance, sweet friends Drew and Adam gave us a Shark iron. Josh’s note follows (paraphrased. I didn’t memorize it.):

Dear Drew, 

Thank you so much for our Shark iron. It will be useful in navigating the dangerous waters of wrinkled clothes. I am so glad that we can FINish this semester together. Your friendship has snatched me from the JAWS of loneliness. 

Another funny thing. Me trying to workout with Josh. Last Wednesday I went to the gym with him. I had already worked out once that day, but wanted to spend some time with him so I basically just stayed on the treadmill the whole time. (Not running the entire time. Let’s be real.) Then on Sunday (after eating a mega-monster cone of mint Oreo ice cream at Brewsters on Friday, bbq, M&Ms and strawberry shortcake on Saturday) we decided we’d exercise. According to Josh it was a “light workout.” My arms beg to differ. We did all sorts of dumbbell exercises, machine exercises and triangle pushups. This is more than my little arms could stand, but I WOULD NOT give up. I did everything he did in my own weight range, of course. Luckily he conceded his original intentions to run on the treadmill for a walk after our arm exercises. Here I sit on a Tuesday, two days after we worked out, and my arms are STILL aching. It’s the meaty part of my shoulder. It literally feels like I got 17 tetanus shots. I’m not normally a major complainer, and I do sometimes enjoy exercising but Dang!

Last funny thing. Josh and I going to the park. Saturday we picked up my Project Uplift kid and took him to breakfast. Then we picked up a friend’s puppy and took them to the park. Note: dogs are a great ministry tool. Within 30 minutes, we had picked up 3 Asian children and their moms. We didn’t even have to say a word. Also, Josh and I have had our eyes and ears peeled for a younger guy to take my Project Uplift kid next year. We wanted a freshman guy so he could stay with Ty from 6th-9th grade. He also needed to be someone who would be intentional to share the gospel with Ty and continue to teach him how to be a gentleman. Well, we found him! Answered prayer! Saturday I turned to Ty and said, “Hey! We found someone to take my place next year.” His first response: “Is it a guy?” Me: “Yes.” Ty: “Good.” Burned. Burned by my 5th grade Project Uplift kid.


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