Engagements and Naming Cars

Yesterday the greatest thing happened. WE SENT OUT OUR WEDDING INVITATIONS. I am so so thankful for my sweet roommates, maid of honor and mom for helping me stamp and assemble them. Josh even got in on the work by helping us make sure that each person on our guest list was accounted for by an invitation, a tedious but needed task. Then he and I went to the post office and dumped them in the big, blue tins. As soon as we finished he goes, “Welp, no turning back now.” And I said, “Yea. That’d be pretty embarrassing.”

They have two kiddos now!

They got there in a weird way, but they did make it to marriage.

This brings me to my point: saying, “Yes,” to a proposal should be a more concrete, serious decision. By all means, I know that the majority of engagements end in marriage, but there are a lot that don’t. I’m thinking of The Bachelor here.  There have been 16 seasons and only two marriages. So roughly 12 proposals were accepted and then broken off (I’m accounting for the one guy who didn’t choose anyone and the couple that is still together). Before Josh and I got engaged we discussed the meaning of engagement and how it is a time of preparation. Yes, it’s a time to plan a wedding, but really it is for preparing for your marriage. That is one thing many girls (especially Auburn girls) miss. We glorify weddings and then forget there’s a lifetime of marriage after that awesome event. While, yes, the wedding is awesome (so pumped. 52 days left.), the marriage is more important. It is a binding, forever covenant making you and your future spouse the image of Christ and the church. Do you see how HUGE and POWERFUL and SERIOUS that is? It’s so fun to look at rings, dresses, venues, cakes, etc. on Pinterest and stalk people’s wedding albums on Facebook. I’m guilty. I do that. It’s not inherently  wrong. But it is when you lose sight of what the engagement and marriage really mean and symbolize.

I’m sure many of you know people who have broken off engagements or are ring hungry. To the ring hungry, stop. That stupid. My thoughts on breaking off engagements, at least you didn’t use a wrong to fix a wrong. What I mean is if you wrongly accepted a proposal and you know without a doubt that this man or woman is not right for you, then breaking it off was the right choice. As previously discussed, marriage is a covenant meaning it’s forever. Don’t make this covenant if you know without a doubt it’s the wrong choice. I sincerely hope and pray that NO ONE will ever be faced with that decision, but please don’t get into a marriage just because you feel “forced to.”

Ok… change of topic. Way less serious. Do you remember that post “Weird Week” when I told you Josh got a new car?? Well, that is still very true. However, we need help naming her. The car is a silver Mitsubishi Lancer. Josh says he only drives cars that are girls, so it has to be a girl’s name. We’ve thought of Loretta, but that just doesn’t seem perfect. Help us out!! Send us ideas for car names!


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