Weird Week

Guys, this week has been filled with some pretty weird events. Let me take the time to tell you.

Weird happening #1

In an attempt to save money, I was going to cook this Bertolli pasta alfredo bag. You’ve all seen them: pasta, sauce and veggies in a bag. You can microwave them or heat them in a skillet. I usually heat them up in a skillet (well, the three times I’ve had them I heated them in a skillet), but I didn’t feel like washing the skillet so I opted to microwave it. I let the bag thaw and glanced at how long it to microwave it. It said 10-12 minutes, so I threw the bag in the microwave and didn’t think twice about it. What I didn’t know that I now do is that you are supposed to put the food into a microwave-safe bowl. Whoops! Looked right over that. Well, I was standing in Elizabeth’s doorway when I started smelling something odd. When I look into the kitchen, I saw lots of smoke and flames!! The bag was on fire!! I started screaming and jumping and opened the microwave door, but the flames were still going. I grabbed the bag from the microwave and threw it into the sink. However, the fire had melted the bag so ALL of the pasta, sauce, veggies and chicken went on the floor and the counter and in the sink. ULTIMATE. FAIL.

Weird happening #2

For those of you who don’t know, Josh’s car situation is rather interesting. He’s been driving a Chevy Aveo (small, hatchback car) as long as we’ve been dating. We called her Cherelle because she had some serious sass. He’s had to take Cherelle to the doctor several times over the last two years and has spent a sizeable amount of money on getting her fixed. Well, last week we took her to the Chevy dealership because she didn’t drive right, made sounds like a chain scraping the concrete and idled insanely loud. Like I said, Cherelle had her share of problems. The people at Chevy told him that it would cost more than $2,000 to fix Cherelle, so he and I had just planned on driving her until the wheels rolled off even though there were some needed improvements. It is simple math: there’s no need in putting $2,000 into a car that isn’t worth $2,000. Well, Tuesday night Josh called me and asked me if I could talk for while face-to-face. I was really taken back and honestly kind’ve scared. I started going through my day examining everything because I just knew I had hurt him in some way! I could’ve started crying even though I really didn’t think I had done anything! Well, I pulled into the parking lot we were meeting at and didn’t see him. Next thing I know this car I didn’t recognize pulled in beside me. I payed it no attention, but after a little while I looked over because the person in the car hadn’t gotten out. When I looked over, I see Josh, one arm on the wheel, smiling and nodding his head. I BURST OUT LAUGHING. I really don’t think I’ve been that surprised or laughed that hard in a long time. He proceeded to take me on a joy ride, and we laughed the whole time. P.s. Thank you for Mr. and Mrs. Bierman for purchasing us a lovely Mitsubishi Lancer (Too Fast Too Furious, yall!). This really was a huge need, and I’m incredibly thankful that we now don’t have to worry about taking Josh’s car on longer roadtrips!

Weird happening #3

I put on a load of clothes yesterday. Josh threw them in the dryer for me (You da best. I hate moving clothes from the washer to the dryer.) I got home from work and thew in another load. When I reached for the detergent to put in the wash, I realized that I didn’t put any detergent in my other load. Or at least I can’t remember putting any detergent in the first load. I looked at them, sniffed them and folded them. I know you may think this is incredibly gross, and you’re probably right. But honestly. I really don’t care. I’m not doing another load of laundry.

Please come back for tomorrow’s post!!! I have a feeling you’re really, really going to like who writes it. I know I sure do 😉


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