Glitz, Glam, Gowns

A few weekends ago I worked this event for Big House Foundation called Glitz, Glam and Gowns. You may remember it from this post. The gist of the event is this: Big House Foundation set up a day for girls who are living in foster care to come and be pampered. People from around the Auburn/ Opelika area had donated dress, shoes, jewelry, makeup and hair and nails supplies to give these girls a luxurious day. This is where I come in- they needed girls to be fashion consultants (that’s what I did), hair stylist, manicurists, etc. They asked us to all dress is jeans with black shirts (Bridals by Lori style) to make it seem even more professional.

Since I was a fashion consultant, I met girls at the front door and would be with one of them through their entire glamification process. I met my girl, a  sweet 8th grader, and we ate breakfast before we began. Maybe yall remember from Things You Should Know Before Committing to Read This Blog, but my mom and Josh are convinced that I am going to be a high school teacher and coach. I keep insisting that I don’t want to be a teacher or coach (and I still don’t), but after this event I do think I have to do something with this age group. I don’t understand it, and I don’t know why but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 13-18 age group. Never do I want to brag or make it seem like I am so great and awesome, but I really just jive with this age group. My girl and I at Glitz, Glam, Gowns hit it off immediately and were friends by the end of the process. We only spent two hours together, but we had great conversation and a lot of fun! I don’t know exactly what this means for my future or my career, but I do think that if I completely ignore this strength of mine that I am wasting my life.

This doesn’t mean that if my job doesn’t deal with 13-18 year old girls that I am missing out. One thing I’ve learned this year is that job doensn’t always equal purpose. We are all created and given our strengths from the Lord. Some of us love 13-18 year old, while others really jive at the nursing home. (If I go to the nursing home I get incredibly stand-offish and sad. Not that I now have permission to completely disregard the elderly, but obviously I wouldn’t be the one to sign up for a weekly visitation at Monarch Estates.) But like I was saying, we all are divinely given a purpose and have a plan for our lives. It’s so cool and really awesome to think that the Lord of Lords, Creator of this Earth not only made me, but He also gave me a purpose. What in the world would I be thinking if I then choose to do nothing with that?? If I sat idly in my church pew on Sundays and thought nothing and did nothing of the ministry the Lord has for me?? What a waste.

Every girl's dream. A room full of dresses.

My sweet girl insisted on having lime green polish, and I OBVIOUSLY got OPI's Russian Navy.

These pictures were taken by my lovely friend Laurel Schweers. Laurel is one of the most talented people I know, and the awesome thing is she displays her talent for the Lord’s glory. Literally. She’s a rockstar! Take a look at some of her work at her page: Laurel Schweers Photography. She did Josh and my engagement photos, so obviously I trust her to the moon and back.


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