Lovely Lessons

This weekend was quite an odd one. This weekend is the last “regular” weekend Josh and I have until we get married. Get this:

Next weekend: Spring break (Amplify yallllll)

March 17: Our FIRST shower

March 24: shower

March 31: shower

April 7: Easter

April 14: shower

April 21: bachelorette weekend

April 28: bachelor weekend

May 5: friends’ wedding

May 12: OUR WEDDING!!!

I know that putting our weekend schedule down like that is a bit extreme, but I’m just really excited/overwhelmed/ready to get married/overjoyed/a lot of emotions all at once. Going into this weekend, I thought Friday was going to be my only Paige-and-Josh night, but I got a bit of a surprise. After going on one of the greatest walks of our relationship Friday night, Josh and I along with our friends Jared and Colin (Jared is roomie Elizabeth’s future hubs) went to see “Act of Valor.” My verdict: AWESOME. Girls, you can do it, and you will like it! Check out the trailer below.

While this was great, Saturday was the REAL day of joy! Sweet roomies Liz and Camilla, Liz’s mom and I went to Birmingham for WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!! (She got one, and I REALLY wish yall could see it. However, you know the protocol. No views until the “I do’s.”) Guys, I was really excited when I went shopping for my dress, but going for Elizabeth was completely different. I remember when we went shopping for my dress I stood outside of the store for a couple minutes completely freaking out on the inside. It wasn’t that I was freaking out about getting married, being engaged or anything like that, but I just didn’t know how to react to trying on wedding gowns. It’s weird knowing that you’ve never done something before and that you never will again. I just stood outside of the store thinking about how little girls dream of this day and how beautiful these white dresses make us feel, but how incredibly scared I was at the same time. It obviously went really well; I bought the third dress I tried on.

But let this be a lesson girls. Weddings are awesome. Engagement is a blessing. I would not trade this season of my life for anything. However, it’s not easy. It isn’t all pretty colors, lace, buttercream icing and pretty rings. We are fusing our lives together: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s difficult and requires much patience, forgiveness, mercy, grace and selflessness. If you get anything out of reading this blog let it be this: a wedding is NOT an end point. Engagement is not all rainbows and butterflies (although certainly sometimes it is!), and choosing bridesmaids, dresses, colors, food, cake and registries isn’t quite as much fun as you’d think. {I’m sorry to be Debby Downer right here. Really, I love Josh dearly and LOVE where we are. Like I said, I wouldn’t trade this season of our lives for anything; however, it is, in fact, a season.}



One thought on “Lovely Lessons

  1. I love reading your blog. I learn a lot about you and makes me even more excited about your upcoming wedding and Josh joining our family!

    As someone who has been married for almost 12 years, I would even say that the weddings do not matter in the slightest. My wedding was nothing I wanted. I hated my dress. I didn’t like my attendant situation. My wedding video didn’t record so I don’t have a copy of my wedding. One of the singers at my wedding got sick the night before and didn’t sing. Nothing ended up the way I wanted to. However, none of that matters because I’ve had 11 wonderful years with the man I love. So definitely let that sink into all you engaged girls’ heads, even if everything goes wrong on your wedding day, that definitely doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are married and you have each other and can pick up the pieces together! Beau and I are very excited to share that weekend with you guys! Hang in there – the end is near! 🙂

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