High school girls, pizza, ringing ears and delirious conversations

My weekend was AWESOME. Yours? In reviewing all I did, I’m telling you I am so thankful for sweet friends and a wonderful fiance.

Here’s how it began: Friday I cooked dinner with my friends Claire, Valerie and Katie. We hadn’t hung out in so long, so making pasta, eating Oreo balls and going to Auburn’s callouts were so needed. You know you have the best friends in the world when you can be content with doing nothing with one another, and after callouts that’s what we did. We literally sat around for 2-3 hours just talking about our struggles, Twitter, birds, boys and old times.

Saturday morning I worked Glitz, Glam and Gowns with the Big House Foundation. {pictures and another post to come about this one. It may or may not have changed my life.} After that I went jogging which if you know me is a HUGE accomplishment.

Then……the greatest stuff happened…..Sweet Yoshi surprised me with tickets to our faves: Ben Rector and NeedToBreathe at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. Backstory: Josh REALLY likes Ben Rector. I was an average fan until this fall when we got to meet him! He came to sing at Farmhouse so he and his band were hanging outside of Josh’s room. We OBVIOUSLY had to go into Josh’s room aka walk right through their hang out area and got to meet Ben and his band. This was right after Josh and I got engaged, so Ben asked us to tell him our story. It was really sweet and cool.

But that night I asked Ben Rector to sing at our wedding. (Yes, this really happened.)

And he was like, “Oh yea! That’s awesome. Totally.”

And then I said, “No, but really.”

And he said, “Really. Ok.

That being said, if you have a personal relationship with Ben Rector, let’s make this happen!

Saturday was more than just a sweet birthday surprise with concert tickets though. As mentioned earlier, I am  MEGA planner. I want to know and do everything way ahead of time. And Josh did something that just blessed my soul through and through. He had the ENTIRE night planned. Not just concert at 9 p.m. He knew where we were going for dinner and how long it would take to get from place to place. It was great. He even made enough time so that when we arrived in Atlanta, we drove to the hotel we’ll stay at after our wedding so that now I know he knows how to get there. (I actually had already thought about what would happen if we got lost on the way to our hotel that night. So like I said, he really blessed my soul by doing this.) Guys, take notes.

These men made some AMAZING pizza and blasted Italian opera like it was their job!

Then we ate at the really really great pizza place called Antico. It’s a byob place in Atlanta, so if you want anything to drink other than bottled water you walk across the street to this gas station for your drinks. There were people who had gone over and bought a bottle of wine and different beverages, and I thought that was a really neat concept. What was the strangest though is that you don’t have guaranteed seating. After you order you walk into the kitchen and there are three big picnic tables. From there you just wait for your pizza and fight for seats. While fighting for seats definitely stressed me out, the food more than made up for it. I think this is the best pizza I’ve EVER had!

Then we went to the concert and it was SO. GREAT. I’m not even going to go into detail because no words can describe how great they both were. As Mr. Bierman said, “You know you went to a great concert when Ben Rector rocked your brains off, and then after NeedToBreathe you forget you even saw Ben Rector.”

Josh and I outside of the Tabernacle. At this point my heart is beating so fast because NeedToBreathe had just rocked my socks off.

The concert ended around midnight, so the drive home was pretty rough for me (those of you who know me know that I pretty much always go to sleep before midnight.). Well, I’m nodding off slowly, and Josh keeps going,”Paige. I need to you talk to me. Open your eyes.” And I’d open them and start talking. Well this one time, Josh began talking about the book of Hosea. (He’s so great, right? Bible talk after midnight? That’s whatsup.) So I’m listening and hear him say something about how it’s more than a man marrying a prostitute, and then I don’t know what happened. Next thing I know Josh said, “Do you agree?CRAP. I’VE BEEN ASLEEP FOR A WHOLE CONVERSATION.  I looked at him and half-laughing, half-confused go… “Uh………….Um…………….. Can you repeat the question?” And he goes, ” Do you agree?” This isn’t looking good. So I had to fess up and ask him to repeat the whole conversation. At the time I felt really bad, but Sunday morning I woke up and realized that Saturday had been an A++ day, but this was by far the funniest part.


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